Show Your Respect To The Dead

If you care about someone who’s already departed then you may want to do some things to show that you respect the person. For instance, instead of just treating the day of his or her departure like any other day, you ought to celebrate it to show that you have accepted that the person who is close to you has already passed on and are happy because he or she is already in a better place.

If not that, you could fulfill the deceased individual’s wishes so that you could bring closure to certain things. Every now and then and on All Souls’ Day, you could pay a visit to where your loved one is buried so that you could bring flowers or simply dedicate prayers.

It is said that the spirits of the dead are sometimes wandering and some have been earth-bound since they died so you may want to do the things mentioned so that those who are no longer alive would be able to move to another plane or at least feel better knowing that those that they left behind are doing well.

If it’s written in the will of the person that you care about that he or she wants to have his or her remains transferred to another location after some time has passed then you ought to spend some money to have his or her body relocated when it would be due for transferring.

Even if you have to have the person’s remains dug from being buried, you ought to have it transferred. Also, if your loved one’s remains have turned into ashes and he or she requested that his or her body would be spread following his or her death, you ought to gather the individual’s ashes and then scatter them in the open sea or by having them launched into outer space.

You could take a boat ride and then spread out someone’s ashes in the sea, since many folks have done this in the past. If you could afford to have a person’s remains sent to space, though, you could do so too. You could contact Celestis for help so that you could pay for a space funeral for the individual that you care about.

It may be true that the dead may not be able to talk directly to you, if ever you would ignore them. However, you have to understand that you’ll be done after some time too – like everyone.

According to many, when you’re dead, you may meet up with other folks who’ve already passed on so you may want to do some good deeds for those who’ve departed so that you would be treated well after your demise.

If you believe that the God that you believe in would pardon the wrongdoings of a person who has died when the living would pray for the individual then you ought to pray for the dead so that he or she would be forgiven.

You could visit the site where the person is buried and then say prayers for his or her spirit so that he or she would be able to truly move on and be in a better state.