Online Dating Safety

These days when many things can be done online, many different online dating sites have appeared due to people arranging new dates online. In 2009 a comprehensive survey showed that one fifth on all married couples between the ages of 19 and 25 in the UK had first met online. It also showed that approximately 5 million people had visited dating sites that year. That was in 2009 and so there was still room for many more to join as, it was also estimated that there were approximately 15 million singles.

Online dating, although popular, has been criticized by some though, stating that it can be dangerous to date someone that you haven’t actually met. These critics claim that someone going on a date with someone they only know online; opens themselves up to being violently attacked or perhaps date raped. There is perhaps some cause for concern with safety when dating someone you met on a dating site as, one third of those that visit dating sites have admitted to lying on their profiles. This means that you may not really know at all who the person is that you intend to meet.

That though is probably true about anyone that you have a first date with as, if you met them at work or even at some kind of social function, they were probably acting and being a lot different from what they are when they are alone on a date with someone and so you do not really know them either.

Safety on a date, especially on that first date must always be one of your main concerns, whether you have met the person before or if you only met them online. Although many think that this is something that only women need to concern themselves with, often men receive the same fate as women o on first dates. It is always wise therefore, as you must date in order to get to know someone better that you ensure that you take at least some precautions before leaving your home.

Basic precautions that you can take are to let a good friend know where you are planning to meet your date and where you are planning to go once you have met them. Let that same friend also know the name of the person that you are planning to meet and at what time they could reasonably expect for you to reach back home; you can always call them and let them know that time will be later if everything is going well, however, it may be better if you asked them to call you perhaps an hour into your date and take it from there.

If you are not yet familiar with dating sites, you can always try a Free Trial with or one of the other sites before you actually pay out anything. In taking advantage of these free trials, you no need to waste money finding out that dating online may not be what you are wanting. However, you never know, perhaps it is exactly what you are looking for.