Health Benefits

When looking for ways to get health benefits or to stay healthier, far too many people ignore the health benefits of meditation and that perhaps is regrettable as in today’s modern society where everything is needed in a hurry, stress is a major cause of many illnesses and it is stress which meditation can help to relieve.

The reason why meditation is probably overlooked is that many people wrongly believe that in order to get any benefit from it, they would have to sit and meditate for hours on end and they cannot afford that type of time, especially not on a daily basis. The truth is though that the benefits of mediation can be enjoyed with only 15 minutes of meditation every day.

Leading experts on meditation agree that 15 minutes spent meditating each day can provide benefits for the whole day and so if 15 minutes is spent every day meditating you could find the rest of your life far less stressful than it is now. Although some experts do not think that 15 minutes is always enough for a completely relaxed day, even they agree that only an extra couple of 2-minute meditation sessions would be.

Just before going to bed or when first getting up in the morning are recommended as the best times to meditate and that is the same times when even the busiest of people could probably find those few minutes spare. As for an additional couple of minute meditations, if needed, they can be done on the way to work, if you don’t drive of course or alternatively, meditate whilst waiting for a meeting to start or whilst waiting for an interview.

There is little doubt that meditation does relax the mind and help it to feel less stress but most people do not realize that these benefits last far longer than just the time which is spent meditating and can, in fact, have lasting effects. Perhaps the best thing about meditation is that no specialized knowledge or specialized, expensive equipment is necessary to do it. All that is needed is somewhere to sit and so you can sit with your back straight and breathe. A couple of slow deep breaths starts you off and then you continue to breathe but as you do so, you repeat in your mind one word, the same word every time you inhale and another word every time you exhale. Concentrating on those two words and your breathing distracts the mind from whatever you may have been worrying about and therefore allows the brain to relax a little and be less stressed. Some experts say that another technique that can work instead of repeating the same two words in your mind, is to think of the air you breathe and picture it moving through the body as you inhale and then think of its journey out of the body as you exhale. Either technique is known to work so you can use whichever you find easiest.