Exam Preparation

Preparation for any kind of exam can be very hard and also in some cases expensive too, depending on the materials needed in order to have a good chance of passing. The enrolled agent exam prep is no exception and so anyone considering taking the EA exam had better be prepared to study hard and perhaps pay whatever costs there may be.

An enrollment agent is someone that has qualified to take the enrollment agent exams and has passed them, allowing them to be formerly recognized by the United States Treasury Department as being competent in dealing with taxation issues. This means that individuals, or businesses, which are having trouble with their tax returns, no need to seek advice or assistance from a fully qualified CPA but instead, can seek assistance from an EA.

As with any financial dealing, a degree in accounting is always useful but in the case of qualifying to become an EA, experience in the field of taxation matters is often considered more important with a total of 5 years’ experience usually having to be had before being accepted to even sit the EA exam. Once qualified, courses for the EA exam come in three parts, parts 1, 2 and 3 and the courses run through certain times of the year. Although there are certain times when the courses are available, for the convenience of the students, the course materials are available 24 hours a day through those periods.

Each of the different parts for the EA course have their own costs but the three parts in total will cost a candidate as much as $745 which, although may sound expensive, is often a lot cheaper than the cost of courses for a CPA or CMA. Once qualified however, there should not be a shortage of work as nearly everybody has dealing with taxes and the IRS and so the cost of the courses should soon be recouped by anyone provided they pass the exams.

For anyone studying accounting at college, there are therefore many routes they can take as they have options for EA, CPA, CMA or CFA and so it will depend on which aspect of accounting they want a career in. None of these routes though are particularly easy and any will take several years to accomplish as even if a course does not take 3 or 4 years, the experience needed to even qualify to take the exams will be several years anyway.

Although the studying for these exams may be hard and the costs may seem excessive, most people that have passed them think they were worth both the effort and expense, even those that had to sit the exams more than once in order to receive a pass. It is however important, for some of these exams that you choose the correct study course as there are usually several available and each one presents the study material in a different way and so choose one that best suits your particular learning style.